Mouse (Touch) Converter Box for Applied Materials (AMAT)
P5000,Endura, Centura

Flyer AMAT-Konverter

Standard AMAT Wallmount CRT-Cutout

Tech. Drawing 17" Touchscreen Wallmonitor

Tech. Drawing 19" Touchscreen Wallmonitor

Example to hook up to an AMAT system

Lambda electronic offers a cost-saving Converter Box for your AMAT system.
The "Lambda Converter Box" has two switchable Mouse-Plugs to control your system only from clean- or greyroom (Secure!) You can plug standard 19" LCD (Touch) monitors (e.g. consumer products) with the Converter Box, therefore you can build your own very low maintenance system. The box have a MBFT more than 50.000H! The Replacement Kit contains all cables that are required to use both LCD monitors with two mouses. In a case to use a Touchscreen, you can plug your old lightpen with switch. Sliding (stay on the touchscreen) is supported.
Special Thanks go to D. Duren from Texas for providing the first picture. The video shows the quick response-time of the Lambda Converter.

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