Lambda Products Gallery

Marine Monitors, Bridge, S-Band, RADAR:

Lambda 23 RADAR


Lambda 19 VF PM (N), 19" Panelmount Monitor (5:4 ratio)
Lambda 21 VF PM, 21" Panelmounted monitor (4:3 ratio)
Lambda 24 VF PM (N), 24" Panelmounted monitor (16:10 ratio)

Display's for the semiconductor industry:

ASM Eagle 10 / Lambda 15 VFT
EG Prober / Lambda 15 VFT
Upgrade for EATON NV-10-160 / Lambda 10 LF[NV10])
Converterbox AMAT PI-9500
Converterbox AMAT P5000, Endura, Centura
17" Replacement LCD for ASM 3200
Lambda 19 LFT (Vi) Replacement Monitor for Varian VIIsion
Lambda 19 LF (V)ARIAN/(E)ATON Replacement Monitor / eHP 250, 500, NV6200
Lambda 17 VF (A)SM Epsilon Replacement Monitor, E2000 (Machineupgrade)
Lambda 19 LF (A)SM Epsilon Replacement Monitor, e.g. E2000

Displays for Print-, Coating,- Cardboard Packaging machines:

10" Eltromat replacement monitors
12" Replacement for Bobst-Martin Systems

Displays for the Refinery:

Lambda 19 VFT PM (H) - 19" Panelmount for Honeywell TDC 3000
Lambda 19 LF (H)oneywell Replacement Monitor
Lambda 19 LF (Y)okogawa Replacement Monitor
Lambda 19 LF (B)ailey Replacement Monitor

"(Lupen-)Monitore" FBL (Frame Buffer Less):

Lambda 19 LF Frame Buffer Less (FBL) "Lupenmonitor"


Lambda 15 LF PM (Panelmount)
Lambda 15 VF/LF (Desktop)
"Refurbished" 17" CRT -> 15" LCD
Lambda 19 LF 8HE
Lambda 19 LF Rackmounted / 9HE
Lambda 19 VF / Desktopmonitor VESA
Lambda 19 LF Desktop (Low Frequency / Slow Scan) e.g. ABB MOD 300 etc.
Lambda 21 Desktop (Low Frequency / VESA)

These replacement monitors are only some solution from Lambda. Get in touch with us to know, if your system replacement type available.