Lambda 19 LF (Y) - (Y)okogawa

(Y)okogawa Overview.pdf
(Y)okogawa Drawings.pdf
The Lambda LF (Y) are available in different versions. With or without Touch, ANALOG or DIGITAL, Replacement for the old CRT without changing any driver or cable. The Touchscreen will be connected with a 20pin-BOX header (picture).

Sometimes the picture signal is connected with a DB9-Sub. Our Converter converts these signals to a HD15F Sub. This solution could also "build in" into a Lambda monitor.

Also available the Desktop-Version.

Our 50pin Yokogawa Solution is developed for customers, who can't send their AS919 card from the Display unit DU85.
In this case, they plug their 50pin Yokogawa Cable into our box. It has 2 outputs, one for the AS919 Gaphic card to connect Operator- and Engineer Keyboard, the other one to connect our Lambda LF Monitor.

CENTUM V video-signals (20pin header) will be converted to a normal HD15Sub.